The Ultimate 45 Things to do in Laguna Bucket List

*I’ll frequently update this BTW.*

While browsing my facebook account, I came across a very interesting post, which included 45 things to do in Laguna. Since I am residing in the said province, I became curious of the things that I am yet to explore within my own hometown. Below are the 45 things to do in Laguna with a side note on my own personal experience. If you’d like to see the original post, just click here and all credits of course to the original author. If you’re interested, let’s see how many you have accomplished as well!

Leisure and Sports

  1. Support local and go tsinelas shopping in Liliw
  2. Have a picnic and fly a kite at UPLB’s Freedom Park
  3. Be haunted by the beauty and olden charm of Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant in San Pablo
  4. Scream your lungs out Enchanted Kingdom’s extreme rides
  5. Swim at the refreshing Bato Springs Resort
  6. Stay overnight at the charming Patis Tito Garden Café Bed and Breakfast
  7. Better yet, check out the restaurants included in Viaje del Sol
  8. Brave the daredevil challenges at Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa
  9. Wakeboard or visit the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa
  10. Or go mountain biking at the Nuvali trails
  11. Make waves with the giant slides of Splash Island


After n number of years, I finally returned to Splash Island with le partner. It was her first time and from the many years since I last went there, I could also say that there were many things that have changed.

Since it is already summer, it is such a refreshing feeling to go and take a plunge on their wave pool and be lazy at the Balsa River. The park is enormous and there were too many sights to see. However, the slides have different times which runs for just an hour for you to use it. We have tried two slides: the Big Bamboo and King Pilipit. Both were great and under closed tubes (since I feared the open ones). If you have kiddos with you, they will also have a nice time at the Water Wahoo and on the slides that they have for kids.

Though the place is nice, everything is pricey. We bought water and snacks and it costs around 175 Php (which in actual would only cost you 100 if you bought it outside, but outside food and drinks are not allowed so…). The cottages and huts are around 1000 Php or higher, however if you don’t need to stay long in cottages or what nots, they are offering locker rentals and there are seats at the food court where you can stay.

Culture and Heritage:

  1. Travel through time at Nagcarlan’s Underground Cemetery
  2. Visit General Yamashita’s burial site at the Japanese Garden in Los Banos
  3. Or the Japanese Garden in Cavinti managed by the Philippine-Japan Friendship Society
  4. Re-acquaint yourself with our national hero by visiting the Rizal Shrine in Calamba City
  5. Explore the heritage town of Paete’s artistic culture
  6. Meander around Pila’s Historic Town Center to see the beautiful houses
  7. Go on a road trip to visit the baroque churches in the province
  8. Travel back in time by seeing the old houses at the town proper of Pagsanjan
  9. Marvel at the row of old houses on the same street as San Isidro de Labrador Parish Church in Biñan
  10. Tour around Museo de Sta. Rosa

Food Trip:

  1. When in Liliw, make sure to drop by the quaint Italian restaurant Arabela
  2. Have a taste of Si Christina Gateau Sans Rival’s sweets, especially the varieties of cheesecakes and sans rival
  3. Have a taste of the mouth-watering Puto Biñan

So of course, if there’s anything that we would start crossing out on our list, it would be the items related to food. So for our 1st item, we tried the Puto Binan. Although honestly, I’ve already tried this one a long time ago.

The Puto Binan is a Filipino delicacy which is a steamed rice cake, with cheese and salted egg on top (although you can buy either just cheese on top or just salted egg on top). It is very fluffy and very tasty especially due to the saltiness of the egg but was also balanced by the sweet bread. This tasty delicacy also worked well with coffee.

I bought the Puto Binan at their original branch near Olivarez mall. I asked the drivers on where the store is located, and they pointed me into a small alleyway. I have no idea on where the store was, so I traveled by foot, and after walking a few meters, I’ve finally reached their famous store (although I could have missed it because it was just a small shop). They have many branches along Binan where you can buy one, but they only have shops opened until 5 p.m. so you might want to get there as early as possible.

25. Cool off at Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo Restaurant in Pagsanjan

26. Dare to try the Spicy Halo-Halo in San Pablo’s Ben’s Halo-Halo Ice Cream

  1. Eat your heart out and pose with larger-than-life statues at Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan
  2. Line up to try the buko pie at the The Original Buko Pie, known to be the originator of the delicacy
  3. Don’t miss out on the famed Mer-nel’s cake in Los Banos

For those who have a sweet tooth, you should check out Mer-nel’s cake. Their cake is soft in the inside and very chocolate-y on the outside. Their cakes are famous for their heart-shaped forms and for their very thick icing. But, you should not worry much about your sugar because this cake is not as sweet as it looks. However, this cake is as yummy as it appears.

The original branch of Mer-nel’s is situated in Los Banos, however, for those who would be coming from the North, I suggest that you buy one in SM Calamba as it is nearer than Los Banos. Closer proximity, same look, same price!

  1. And of course, the Yema Cake from San Pablo’s Kalahi bakery
  2. Hoard fresh goat milk and ice cream at the Alaminos Goat Farm

Nature Trip:

  1. Spend an entire afternoon swimming or fishing at Pandin Lake in San Pablo
  2. Rent a private island in the middle of Caliraya Lake for a weekend
  3. Or better yet, visit all the seven lakes in the city
  4. Camp over the weekend at Panguil River Eco Park
  5. Head to Majayjay to see the majestic Taytay Falls
  6. Be a daredevil and go river rafting and water tubing in Majayjay and Magdalena
  7. Visit Buntot Palos, also known as Pangil, Laguna’s “hidden falls”
  8. Explore Cavinti’s Underground River and Caves Complex
  9. See the towering Tatlong Krus (and the Matabungka Falls!) at Mount Humarap in Paete
  10. Go visit Aliw and Hulugan Falls in Luisiana in one go
  11. Go for a day hike at Romelo in Siniloan
  12. While you’re at it, see the Buruwisan, Lanzones, Sampaloc and Batya-Batya Falls in Siniloan
  13. Hike up the mythical Mt. Makiling starting from jump-off point in Los Banos
  14. Trek up the Kalisungan in Calauan to see an awesome view of the province’s other mountains

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